Week 1 - May 8/9: Introduction

For the introduction to the 14-week course called, "Total Health Improvement Program (THIP)," either watch the video, "Eating You Alive" or "Forks Over Knives".  Featuring leading medical experts and researchers, Eating You Alive takes a scientific look at the reasons we’re so sick, who’s responsible for feeding us the wrong information and how we can use whole-food, plant-based nutrition to take control of our health—one bite at a time.   "Forks Over Knives" looks at the China study and interviews Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. T. Colin Campbell.  Additionally, the book "How Not To Die" by Michael Greger, M.D. is used as the text book for the course. Participants are encouraged to obtain their own copy, available for purchase in class for $18 or online.

  1. Class Presentation

  2. How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

  3. Eating You Alive Trailer

  4. Eating You Alive Short Excerpts

  5. Forks Over Knives Trailer