Chuck Brummel

I started attending the class at the request of my wife and immediately started loosing weight.  Within 60 days I had dropped to 165 pounds from 193 pounds.  I had seen my Family Care Physician, Dr. John Powell from Evergreen Clinic just before starting on the whole-food plant-based lifestyle.  Ninety days later I had another blood test, and Dr. Powell suggested that I cut my cholesterol and blood pressure medication in half. Within ninety more days, he suggested that I drop the medication entirely, and check back in thirty days.  My cholesterol had dropped from 242 to 178, and my blood pressure was now 121/73.  Almost two years later, my cholesterol is 182 and my blood pressure is still in 120/70 range, totally un-medicated.


The most shocking thing to me was that I had sleep-apnea and was wearing a c-pap mask, and had been doing so for about 20 years. My specialist doctor, who practices in Bend, Oregon, had given me a long term prognosis, that I had sleep apnea, and would likely have sleep apnea the rest of my life. Dr Powell informed me that I no longer had sleep apnea after about one year after my THIP-inspired lifestyle change.