Darlene Mason

Has THIP had an impact on your life?

When I started, I had worries, I had recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and was told by my doctor to start dialysis. I really did not want to do that because I saw what it did to my uncle.  When I started, my thoughts were, “This is just another diet that will fail.”  Boy was I ever wrong.  This is a wonderful group of people teaching a new lifestyle, a healthier lifestyle.  These people have made a huge impact on my life, I thank every one of them.

Have you experienced any health improvement?

As I stated, I have chronic kidney disease.  When I started the class, my GFR was 29 and still going down.  You offered to take a blood draw, that first draw changed my life and my mind about THIP, my GFR went up to 44 just during the 12 weeks! My cholesterol plummeted, my heart disease leveled out.  As I see it, these people saved my life.

What would you like others to know about THIP?

It’s a wonderful program taught by great people. This program changed my life for the better.

How have you changed since starting THIP?

I pay attention to labels, what foods go on my plate and the serving size.I drink more water.I am eating right.