My friend told me that she went through this program and that it can cure diabetes. I told her that she’s a liar. I was taking minimum 5 shots of insulin/day. I had been told by the medical professionals in this county that you cannot cure diabetes since my diagnosis in 1999. I started at 10 units and was up to 120 units/day. I asked my doctor about  this program and she said I should try it. I didn’t believe any of these people, the facilitators, the volunteers, my friend or my doctor that this program could help me. The proof was in the blood test. My BUN went down 5 points, my GFR which was down to 43% went up to 51%, my LDL cholesterol went from 167 to 120 in eight weeks, triglycerides went from 238 to 88, HDL went up from 41 to 52, my A1c went from 6.1 to 5.4, as a result, my doctor has lowered my insulin intake twice. My CRP (inflammation level) was at 11.7 (it’s supposed to be under 3) and dropped to 4.19. When I was diagnosed I was never told that I could reverse disease by living a healthy lifestyle.

As a person with no phone, no email, and no computer, I never would have heard about it if it weren’t for my friend Shannon so I am so grateful that I did. I hope UC-VEG can continue to improve lives for a long time with this program.