Linda Thames

Has THIP had an impact on your life?

I find it quite amazing.  My vegan daughter always told me how she gained energy, lost all cravings for foods she’d previously felt she couldn’t live without.  I had my doubts, believe me, but it’s true!!I think my body needs a plant based diet!.  I’m doing so well!

Have you experienced any health improvement?

Lost wt, about 9 or 10 lb, feel great.  The best part is not craving or even wanting unhealthy food.(The just weighed me and say I only lost 7 lb but I think that’s my clothes I’m wearing.  Think I took my shoes off last time!  I’m almost down to what it says on my drivers license.

What would you like others to know about THIP?

Give it a chance!  I never listened until I tried, thanks to THIP.  Before attending classes I only thought about what I’d have to give up (eggs, chees, oils, etc.) Now I think how I’ve gained the freedom from cravings and insatiable, mindless eating.

How have you changed since starting THIP?

Sure makes one think before eating anything.  Before THIP, I had to have a bite of everything.  I’ve become extremely selective, happily so.