Robin Stallcup

In June, 2016, my husband was interested in going to the THIP class about the time he was diagnosed with gall stones and scheduled for surgery in July. We were both referred by our doctor and started going in June, then continued when session restarted in July. My husband had his surgery July 22, and we really started watching fat and animal protein and walking together after that date. He has been excited to go to potlucks and try new recipes. He has lost 30+ pounds since July.

With metformin for my diabetes, I had been taking fiber supplement and meeting 25-30g/day fiber goal with my food. But after THIP, I did math and calculated that I already was taking 50g soluble fiber with the supplement alone!  So I already am getting 75-80g of fiber per day so I can live and work with the metformin outside of the bathroom. Increasing fiber beyond that is sort of a problem until I can cut back on supplement or metformin.

Cutting the fat/animal products is what is taking off the weight. We are just leaving olive oil out of our usual recipes and they taste just as good. And I replicated veggie fajitas ala Los Dos Amigos (with only 1 T olive oil for about ¾ gallon of veggie filling and no alcohol). In fact my husband has asked me a couple times if I added oil to recipes because we can’t tell the difference in texture or rich flavor.

I am not plant perfect and Marc is more perfect than I am. But I really have cut back on all animal products. I gave myself a year to become plant perfect, or close to. I’m not sure that I will need a full year now, but as Marc says, “We’re not rigid.”