Susie Campbell

My doctor sent me to this class:. I wasn't completely convinced but, I went to the class thinking I may gain some knowledge.  I listened and learned and this class changed everything I believed about food and about our health issues.  We are making ourselves sick with what we are consuming.  It's the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Knowledge is power.  I'm elated to finally hear the truth about food!  Changing my eating habits has given me a new lease on life.   I have lost weight, I feel better and I sleep much better and have increased my energy.   I'm excited for what the future holds.  My long term goal is to continue to lose weight and stop all medications.

Do yourself a favor and listen and learn and hear the truth about health and nutrition.  I know this is the way to live a long and healthy life.  This is 12 weeks that can change your life.

The people that teach the class are wonderful, caring, giving people!  I admire them for sharing their knowledge and giving their time.  It's very important information and really the best gift they can give us!

Thank you for your time and the gift of knowledge!