Week 1: Oct 17/18 - Leaders in the Field of Plant Based Nutrition

In week 1, we will review reasons to go plant based and foods to eat.

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Recipe - Spanish Rice

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Week 3: Oct 31-Nov 1 - Obesity...Struggling to lose weight?

Week 3 will discuss strategies to help with weight loss. Will start with mindfulness and having awareness of when you are hungry, how much you eat, and why you eat. Will then discuss why a plant based diet is the most successful diet for long term weight loss and strategies to help. Will finish with strategies on managing when eating out.

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Recipe - Kale Butter and Prappu

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Week 4: Nov 7-8: The Role of Toxins and Detoxing

Week 5: Nov 14-15: Ancient diets

Week 5 we will discuss ancient diets and how they centered around starch - from potatoes in South America and corn in Central America to rice in Asia and barley and oats in the Middle East. We will debunk some myths of the paleo diet.